Ability Recycling

Apparently it’s a thing—utilizing skills developed for one area of your life in another. And I am sure we all do it unintentionally all the time.
But as with most things, I am certain a little attention can make the experience all the more powerful!

Challenge #6

is to Identify Cross-Training Opportunities

List 1-5 existing skills you have developed from previous experiences and work that you are bringing forward to this project. 

I am sure I could find ways to repurpose all kinds of skills, ones I really really enjoy using. But I am interested in being focused on items I have deemed necessary or helpful in making my house a home.

In the last challenge I identified 10 skill related goals.
When have I actively done these things in my past?

In school and in college, I was dutiful.
Never missed assignments, always went to class, etc.
So I was good at being consistent, setting next day intentions and following through.

(I grew up in theatre, was an art major and helped start an art gallery once, so mad power skill tools came in pretty handy today while hanging blinds and curtains. See: ACTION i*s* happening. )


In graduate school I was in seminary and set aside time to focus on my spirit as part of my program. I was regularly meditating, sharing feelings and experiences and setting sacred goals.

When I went back to grad school, this time to study library science, I exceled at documenting progress and organizing.

That just leaves releasing expectations and defining environmental needs.
Tonight I will sit with thoughts of times I may have used these skills and since they may have been less used, focus on these for the coming week.

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