Time. We are friends.

Time isn’t something I really struggle with in the way many others do.
I don’t want to change my relationship to time.
If anything I want to stop justifying it.
I have sufficient boundaries and a good acceptance of its natural ebb and flow. My sense of time is more like the ocean than a good dam or reservoir.

Now, in exchange, I don’t really keep track of it. I may waste it.
But at least we aren’t “fighting.”

Dare to Excel has asked me to change my relationship to time.
But we are okay. I can wield time to my advantage if I need to in the moment or for a set amount of time.
After that?

It’s just a calendar grid, clock faces. Empty of numbers and words. Just images of places and items from memory. In other words, if you ask me, yes I recall. But if you want to know when, I won’t know the year or how old I was—I will have to attach the memory to where I lived, how long my hair was, how the furniture was laid out, and place it in linear time that way.

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