Who is this for?


That’s what the 4th challenge in #daretoexcel is asking me.

The actual prompt involved who might reap benefits from this work, who our true audience is.

Before I get to that, I am going to consider the concentric circles, the ripples of influence involved in this experiment. (I am crafting a “home” environment by creating sacred mini-practices.)

Doing the work is obviously going to put me at the center of any orb of potential outcomes. My spouse lives in our house, which means that any intentionality in our living space will directly affect him as well. And I do hope we experience a positive shift in environmental energy. But how do you share the most personal of your creative expressions with the world? I would argue that it’s often not about the “thing” anyway—even for painters and ceramicists and people who sell actual physical objects. Writers certainly would agree that their art isn’t the folded paper or epub file, but rather the ideas and stories, experiences and thoughts they inspire in their readers. So if we are peddling inspiration and intangibles, there is certainly a way to share our personal artistic successes. I have seen a lot of artists become business coaches for others. That can only work for so many people, I imagine. In the purely motivational realm, there are hundreds of weight loss or fitness successes who seek to inspire others in getting results. I personally lost 75 pounds a few years ago. I posted a single photo and barely mentioned it until I had met my own goal, partially a fear of failure, but certainly because I just couldn’t be *that* person in someone’s Facebook newsfeed.
So I doubt that the “I did it and so can you” approach is going to work for me.

I suspect my audience will benefit indirectly from the changes that occur as I create my ideal living environment.

But I don’t want to hide what I learn, soooooooo
I guess I will be spending some time finding out how to share openly without the sense of “humble brag” that is a little gaggy for me.

And beyond my experiments who really is in my “patch of the planet?” (my favorite phrase from this prompt)

For now, here is my commitment—to share as much of the process as I can on the blog and in social media. Just letting people into the private world is a big step. I will respond to those who are interested. I will engage others in similar places. I will seek out, to start, a very small group of people in real life and online who might want to do some exercises and incorporate some daily practice of making the everyday sacred.

*** I am sure you are wondering why there is a picture of an old grey garage door here. It’s to prove to myself how one person’s mundane effort can be damn near transcendent.
My darling Kevin has ALWAYS hated home projects. Buying this new house has already changed him. He did this. He painted this garage door. All by himselfs. Bought all the stuffs. Was a little miserable. BUT HE DID IT. (The guv’mt said we had to.) But he did it. And it meant a whole lot. And it inspires me more to care for our property.

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