Explorer: Mind, Body and Soul

Dare to Excel Challenge #3


I was taking in the world–
Madonna and the Boston Celtics, Moonlighting and Golden Girls,
Cherry Coke, New Coke and back to Classic, We are the World and Live Aid,
a teacher is chosen to go into space and the USSR gets a new leader,
A young boy is diagnosed, a blood test is finally developed, Rock Hudson dies.
Closer yet to me, my grandfather is killed by a drunk driver.
I wore homemade clothes and got chicken pox.

It all happened when I was 9.
And I watched it happen from inside my little world.

I was vulnerable and alert and resourceful.
But mostly I was AWARE, SOLITARY and SERIOUS.

It probably doesn’t sound much like childhood.
But it was mine.
I wasn’t playful, or even really that imaginative.
Mostly I just observed.

But I explored everything from the very safe world my family created for me.
I read books, and hiked mountains, and saw magic.
I explored.


I prepared well to leave that cocoon.
To eventually be more intimate with people, and far less serious.

But sometimes I wonder if I overcorrected.
Or if, at the very least, I couldn’t learn something again from the wise little adult I was.

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