a normal night


Well, it was a normal night if you consider not leaving the house until 9pm and still being awake at 5am normal.
Sadly, that alone is not entirely out of the ordinary for me.  But I mostly found tonight normal for the lack of fear and anxiety and general blech that has been so ever-present in my life for the past month or so.

And I am really starting to believe an excellent camera is a must in my life.
I get waaaaaay to much joy out of photography these days, and I hate using a flash, and I am a perfectionist.
Therefore, I must acquire a new camera.  pronto.

In the meantime, maybe I am biased, but I find my friends even more awesome and beautiful through my camera lens.
No clue why.

One thought on “a normal night

  1. I was thinking about this very same issue: “An excellent camera is a must.”
    My favorite camera, the old Minolta, 35mm, manual dinosaur that I’ve lugged around since 1988 is great! I love it for portraits and scenery pics. But, it’s cumbersome. I love film. So, I want a digital camera for the every day shots, but I want a “good” camera. KWIM?

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