the aftershocks of 2016

I’m still feeling physically a little meh. The US führer-elect is still tweeting.

I have composed, per usual, in my head a couple dozen various summaries of the year that tried to break us all in some way or another. Not that it’s not mostly documented on Instagram or whatnot. But I need to review before I revise here in the new year . . .

So I may get to the reflection, but mostly I want to say that I spent a chunk of this year working on genealogy projects. Mostly my own or ones I am studying for fun, but sometimes others. And I am developing a way to do more of this work in the world. But in 2016, I finally tested my DNA. And consequently discovered my maternal grandfather’s parentage. He was adopted. And based on what I know now, we would never have discovered the truth via traditional paper documents. It’s been a journey. But the story is long and for another day. As a collector and a completionist of sorts, I want to celebrate 2016 as the year I know the likeness of each and all of my great grandparents, which given the outrageously epic tales of at least three of those couples, is pretty impressive.


While I am here and typing, let’s see the year as I recall it:

My parents visited us in Virginia before we went on vacation with Hayden and Jordan. Disney trip #1. Highlights included seeing Illuminations from a private balcony and taking a side journey to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The drag was then hearing about the death of Alan Rickman while in the throes of food poisoning or whatever that was.

When we got home it SNOWED. A LOT. It was pretty and peaceful being totally homebound actually. I directed a children’s production that I loved working on. I did some really fun research with some of the archives at the museum. I had fun costume changes in a production of Dog Sees God. I took photos at baptism and weddings, for headshots and baby shoots and recitals. I got to work at the one room schoolhouse in my great grandma’s dress she made in the 60s.

I saw so many shows and so many more than once. I saw a friend in Fun Home and saw Do I Hear a Waltz with John and Frank. I saw She Loves Me. And Dear Evan Hansen before and after it transferred to Broadway. I saw The Color Purple on a whim and then had to take Kevin back before it closed. I saw Finding Neverland, which I didn’t love but was mesmerized when I saw it. I saw Hamilton. Again. (ducks) And met a friend to lead me backstage. That may have been the same day I went to the live Ham4Ham when it was INSANE but totally worth it because PATTI LUPONE. I saw Bright Star with Mason. I saw my first shows at 54 Below. A double bill with Jo Ann. On Halloween I saw The Shining parody. I saw CATS with Keith from the front row. Waitress, too and then again because I wanted to go with Jo Ann and knew Kevin would love it. And I saw Falsettos. With all the right people.

In fact. I see so many shows alone. And when people are with me, it isn’t always as important as it was this year. I think most of my experiences were better because they were so well shared.

Back in the real world ALL THE PEOPLE, or at least my best gays, got married or engaged. Jordan and Hayden’s wedding dominated Spring into June.
Then I went on vacation. To Disney. AGAIN. This time with mom and dad and Kevin and Chris and Monna. Tarpan Springs on the way. Fourth of July in St. Augustine on the way home.

I did so many things TWICE in 2016. I got super ill pukey twice and ugly colds twice. hahaha.  I went to Disney and St. Augustine twice. I saw a bunch of shows twice.

But I also went to the Morgan Library and its fabulous Bronte exhibit twice. I saw Becky twice in two months. And Rachelle twice after not meeting for so very long. I saw my friend Rachel twice, once with a baby inside and once outside!!!

I went to the Wild Goose Festival.

I went to Chicago! I soaked in the museums and spent a few days with a college friend I hadn’t seen in way too many years.

I got a tattoo.
I ate at Shift a ton and ran the one-act play festival.
I ate pears and fig and goat cheese and danced cooking with friends on the Autumnal Equinox.

I spent my birthday in NYC. Andy sang me the best Happy Birthday.
If I had a video, you’d be watching it.

I had an amazing brunch with my friend Trisha.

I did a murder mystery with the greatest cast.

(There was an election.)

I finally had that awesome slumber party with Leigh. Well worth the wait.
I got to help decorate the Stone House for Christmas
and took Kevin to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
And I slept at my parents on Christmas night.
Can anything be more magical than that?


This year so was. In good ways, and some trying.

I almost forgot to mention half way through the year, I became unemployed.
And it is okay.

My word for 2016 was LET.

It made it easier to ride the waves.

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