The Time Garden is as enchanting as the title suggests!

Hey everyone—I have been reading a ton of Advanced Reader Copies of new books these days—mostly digital. But this week I receive one of the old fashioned kind . . . and it is perfect.

It’s listed for middle grades and up, but for me, I am considering this my first grown up coloring book. They are all the rage at the moment and I had been resisting the trend.
How lucky I am to have had this be my introductory experience to such a serene meditative concept.
Anyone can see by the cover and sample images that Daria Song is a fine artist and illustrator, filling a book almost entirely of image with detail after meticulous detail. What puts this publication over the top as a standout in a market flooded with designs to color is a truly charming story that guides you deeper into the visual story. Add to that the quality of this book is absolutely luxurious. It has a heavy silky dust jacket, another beautiful hidden cover underneath. The weight and texture of the paper is perfect for the purpose. I promise you, it is thick enough that you can color with scrapbooking markers and not see a hint of it bleeding or fading through to the other side of the page.
This book made me feel special just handling it. Working in it transported me beyond any mundane daily task and into a world of whimsy and creativity. I cannot thank Blogging for Books and Penguin Random House/Watson-Guptill enough for the opportunity to preview this title.
I recommend getting a copy 100%– then have a cup of tea, choose your pens or pens and enjoy!

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