before the snow came



I took this photo on the road home.

I was on holiday in Virginia at my in-laws.

I had an epiphany when the power was out and I couldn’t see to record it in any way. It flowed over my regular thoughts like a waterfall and is now six states of mind down the river of enlightenment.

At least I had a good excuse. That time.


and for remembering . . .
from my color of the year reading . . .

“I want to ask a question. Did you choose this color? Or did you intuit it? Did you get a different color and interpret it, a bit, to a color that was more to your liking (aesthetically, I mean?).

If you chose it, or modified it, let me know. I can’t tell, but I get the feeling that this color is not the whole story.

I will interpret it as is, and you let me know, and we’ll see if we need to modify it.

I may also just be responding to the wheel of fortune nature of your life right now. We all have times like this.

Here we go:
If you are frustrated by unclear answers to life’s big questions, it’s okay.

Your color, this dusted plum is the color of peace during existential angst.

It’s a beautiful, classic color, reminiscent of the 1920′s, slightly melancholy. The 1920′s was that decade sandwiched between the horrors of WWI and the Influenza epidemic and the depravation of The Great Global Depression.

People, with various degrees of success, tried to be happy and modern and alive.

I am not saying that you are chronologically between very difficult times. It’s more that you are dealing with the ambiguity of what happens after surviving some difficult times.

I want you to know that the days in which you escape the more persistent reality of this coming year are equally real. I mean to say, don’t invest too deeply in the persistent reality, that which seems to be solidly in front of you. It is less solid than it seems, and you have more power of the outcomes than you expect. It’s important that you realize this.
There are other ways to solve problems than to grind against them. This color is a reminder to feel the safety and abundance that is inherently yours and to be gentle but firm with yourself as you move forward.

And finally, if you find yourself stuck in a situation that you feel you just can’t leave, look again. Question your assumptions. Question what you yourself are really responsible for, and what you choose to be responsible for.

And like Rilke says, Live the Questions.”

Heidi says:

Well, aren’t you a bit of a marvel!
This is the first color I received. I was a bit reluctant to let it pass when a second color came. (The same thing happened with words this year . . . I have two and they go in tandem.) This color I was drawn to as the color of a misty mountain. The second color is more of sky, but maybe with a tinge of green. I don’t know if the connection is earth and sky or mountain and sea. It was my not being able to zero in on the second, stronger vibe that caused me to post this first one! Today in my head it is sort of sea foam-ish. If you have any inclination, please share, but know that your instincts were not wrong! Thanks so much. :)

  • Bridget says:

    Heidi- In tandem colors- Aren’t they fascinating? I think they inform one another. Just be sure when you’re intuiting, that you’re staying in the rider’s seat and not driving. I think that both of these colors were intuited. But just make sure, because it really makes your reading even more specific. Misty mountain sky- with green- it’s a numinous experience of love and compassion from outward sources. Hard to put your finger on. But felt just the same.

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