my face was purple


It is this triviality that actually got me to sit down and begin to write.
The past few weeks have been so . . . BIG.
Visits. New York City. So many friends. Such good food.
Semester ending. A historic holiday event. Faculty socials.

And all along I have these moments of total distraction. I am immersed full on in life only to have a glimpse of how fleeting the memory might be. Am I taking enough pictures? Why don’t I keep a journal anymore? Do people still read blogs or would that be a waste?  

The impossibility of capturing the big-ness is overwhelming and (thankfully) I get sucked back into the business of actually living my life, instead of fretting about recording it.

One of the fun crafty things I did in recent days was make an advent calendar with teas to drink each day. I made the actual calendar as a Christmas gift for my friend, Meghan.

This is the most wonderful way to count the days to Christmas .  .  . and I think I am staying fit with all extra the trips upstairs to the restroom. Now, I have to confess, I do not waste a warm tea bag. Before it goes to waste, I press it against my eyelids and face. Is that as weird as it sounds? Anyway, today’s tea was Blueberry with Acai, though I am fairly certain it was the blueberry that was to blame for my star turn as Violet Beauregard.

I am still uninspired to recount a full and magical week in New York City over Thanksgiving or the beauty I was surrounded by as we decorated a beautiful historic building. Tragic, I say.

But it is all hinted at over on my Instagram feed.


6 thoughts on “my face was purple

  1. I love your advent calendar Heidi!
    Sometimes I reuse a teabag for art – add a bit of hot water and use it as a watercolor or way to age the paper. That Blueberry tea sounds great for doing that.

    There’s more than one way to tell a story, and I say instagram is one of them!

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