I am engaged with the soul care community in curating our holidays.
The word got trendy in the worst possible way when creators in the consumer market started using the word willy-nilly. Unsettling? Not really. However it is used, the deepest parts of me resonate with the word in a host of ways. My undergrad and graduate studies have been largely in three areas – art, ministry/spirituality and library science. See why I feel unashamed in laying claim to this word and it’s many uses?

Curate, as a noun, traditionally referred to "one responsible for the care (of souls)”  from the Medieval Latin ‘curatus’ and used to mean ‘spiritual guide’ in the late 14th century.

The verb is from the same root—though the responsibility for care transferred from souls to special or precious objects, most often art and books. Thus, the word is used most frequently used in relation to museums an libraries and those hired to gather and care for their collections.

So, yea.
I’m not certain I had any real point.
Just word love.


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