the review begins – 2013


each year people choose words to help guide their year.
and last year for the first time I chose and submitted a color for consideration by professional intuitive and awesome human, Bridget Pilloud. Here is what she wrote for me on her blog:


Heidi, how lovely!

Heidi- This color is quietly exciting.  Your self-perception has been deepening this past year, and now this color represents your ability to be fully present and completely unconcerned about what people think about you.  This is the year that you get comfortable. You say what you want. You’re quiet when you want to be quiet.  I see you leading from your gut, with strength.  This is a refining year for you, where you revisit life aspects that have vexed you in the past.

The orange aspect of this color for you is about nurturing yourself. It’s vital that with the new challenges you face this year, as you test your strength, that you pay attention to what your body and mind need. Keep consistent routines. Get enough sleep.  And take care of your throat (5th chakra).

I haven’t looked at this since the first month or so of this year. It is really quite astounding how true it all is. And though my initial word for the year actually became a trio—purge, savor, manifest—I am pleased at how they have developed through the three sections of my year and how the clarity of this citrus color has acted as a filter for them.

I hope to reflect and write more about it, but for now, I am smiling that as I sit here this color is so prominent in my mental clarity – and in the beautiful paper marigolds I made for my day for the dead altar. (See my last post.) It was actually my deep enjoyment of these flowers that caused me to recall my color for this year and to retrieve and compare what Bridget wrote.

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