preparing for El Día de los Muertos


The weather has been sooooo damp.
I have delayed molding sugar skulls, knowing they won’t set up.

So I have shifted focus to making icons to add to the altar this year.
Normally, I am all about pulling out bits of paper and collage making to my hearts content—fingers all covered in mod podge and whatnot.
But with the cold and the already cluttered living space, I opted to go digital.
WhhoooOOOOooooo scary.

  • Scanned in old black and white snapshots of my beloved and departed grandparents.
  • Sloppily added faint coloring in photoshop and layered a starburst pattern to give the effect religious iconography.
  • Then I slapped some vintage clip art and text in the spirit of Day of the Dead and voila!


If you want to do something similar Picmonkey has a Day of the Dead section. But many of the elements are part of the paid features and I was too cheap. But it would totally be worth the 4 dollars for the month to make some cool icons or add skull features to your profile pic!

Here’s the profile picture I did there last year . . .


2 thoughts on “preparing for El Día de los Muertos

  1. heidi

    hahaha. I always appreciate a stamp of coolness.
    If only I was coming to town a little sooner– we could decorate sugar skulls together! Next year for sure. The boys would love it.

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