(60) Days of Summer


"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." – Sam Keen

It hasn’t *technically* been Summer for 60 days.
But 60 days ago I posted an update,
in my unapologetic diarist fashion.
It was the last day of Spring classes–
and thus, the beginning of my Summer.
3 days in, on the last day of finals, Doc died.
And so, my already upside-down world would stay that way.
Basically, I am in part-time college instructor limbo.
And pretty okay with it.
Summer classes end this week though and I am not sure what is next.

I went to NYC and it can be summarized by rain and ridiculous clothes. Actually, it was more than a vacation and I am super grateful for my friends. Andy was wonderful to host me back to sanity after a very long few weeks.


I’ve just been teaching away my life since—3 hours a night, 4 days a week. And getting little else accomplished. Jordan is living here for the Summer, so I guess if you count eating donuts, then I am getting a WHOLE LOT done.


The giveaway had some extra bizarre items this go around. This bottle holder had matching cup holders. Eek. And just look at my pretty mama with that cute baby!


We moved Cherí’s dad with unexpected swiftness.
And Jordan and I have spent more time eating out than cooking.
C’est la vie.


I meditated in the light of the setting sun regularly and celebrated the solstice at an all night softball tournament.


I also renewed my gym membership. So I look like this a lot.
At least I take nice long showers daily.


It is also notable that our oldest- and grouchiest kitty declined over a few weeks and passed on last month.
And there was a rare family reunion.
Mixed blessings all around.
The powers of the universe are strong and if ever I believed in any sort of astrological effects, it is now.
Things are really wild. People are crazy.
It isn’t all bad (though some definitely is) but it *is* an unusual time.

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