this update is brought to you by the letter “B”


Well, that and procrastination. But that doesn’t count.

B-athroom, B-eethoven, B-aby, B-irthday, B-ad news

First, there is the ongoing saga that is my Bathroom.
What began as dirt in my sink and continued with replacing the sewage pipe eventually culminated in the dismissal of our worker. After a month of inconsistent work, careless choices, tardiness and random absence, I took the risk of ending a work relationship with someone who still had a sizable portion of our money. It did not go smoothly or end well and now I have to deal with the courts. Worse than that really is the drawn out nature of the project and the fact that we haven’t had fully functional plumbing since this all began the second week of March. The drama of it all has dominated my head space and made me crazy. The “do-it-yourself” portion has taxed my body and what remained of my mind.

Then we have a little Beethoven.
A dear friend and local professor was diagnosed with a very grave illness around the same time the plumbing went to hell. In addition to the worry and concern for Doc and his family, I was given the opportunity to pick up his courses as an adjunct at the college mid-semester. I have to say it has been a blessing to feel like there has been something productive I can do in such a frustrating situation where all anyone wants to do is help but where there is little anyone can do but wait for medical treatment to do its magic. So, I have been teaching some music history, ya’ll.
All that’s left this semester is to administer the final exams.

Finally this weekend we had Baby and Birthday.
Unfortunately, I had to miss celebrating Miss Meghan’s birthday on Saturday. The happy bit of that is that the reason was so that I could go be part of a lovely party to honor Baby Norah Belle’s imminent arrival with her mama Heather, our friend Natalie and all the other amazing women in her life. Heather’s sister, friend and mother all rocked it out to create a unique shower. We had a girl’s night with the best food and drink you can imagine and activities that involved singing and creating art. There wasn’t a microwaved candy bar in a diaper in sight! As for Meghan, Lady of El Cinco de Mayo, I missed the party but did get to squeeze the hangover out of her on Sunday. Well, I don’t think I was successful at that—but there was a hug and there WILL be more partying this week.

After my month (or so) of trauma and my weekend of recovery, there was a little more Bad News.
Cherí lost her Sugar Baby while I was gone. My friend has had a sweet lovely pet horse for most of her life, through all bad times and lots of good, too. Pets provide stability and the best kind of listening ear—one that doesn’t come with interruptions or judgment. The worst thing (I imagine) about a pet that has such a long life is that it gives you time to grow that much more attached and unable to imagine a life where that comfort isn’t there.

So while I wish for completion in our home improvement, I also send Strength to Doc and Cherí with lots of Happy to Heather and Meghan!


2 thoughts on “this update is brought to you by the letter “B”

  1. Actually, I slept for the first time for more than, like, four hours. Yesterday when I got home I went to bed by 6pm. Didn’t wake up to 7:30 this morning. I think they call this “sleep debt.” PS You are on my list. Right after I do the couple things I don’t want to do. I am trying to reward myself with communicating with friends. LOL

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