“real” writers


They probably organize their thoughts to sit down and write.
Well, this chick is sitting down to organize her thoughts through writing.
Sue me.
Fire me.
Shoot me.

Today I had the day off.
But I have been up since seven and being wildly productive ever since.
It’s unusual and somewhat satisfying and exhausting.

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster that only plummets, which I realize isn’t really much of a roller coaster . . . but yea.

The plumbing has taken over every spare bit of energy and in the rare moment of freedom, well, I just feel restless.

You know what is gonna help?

A new gym membership and an unnecessary purchase of workout clothes in an impossible but fun throwback 80’s palette.


I blame my guilty pleasure addiction to The Carrie Diaries.

the carrie diaries 13


2 thoughts on ““real” writers

  1. I almost never plan out in any detail anything I’m going to write. Writing is how I figure things out, not how I say what I’ve already figured out. So I’m right there with you. 🙂

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