Returning to Winter


This was not a vacation I was eager to return from.
I had brief moments of “I miss my bed” and “I miss my dogs”
but mostly a lot of “I want to stay in the South.”

The trip received some built in adventure.
My grandfather, who lived in St. Petersburg, was hospitalized on Christmas and died on New Year’s.
It was both fortune and misfortune that we were leaving for holiday 2 days later. . . It felt odd to have to soak in so much enjoyment, but was a blessing I would be there to clean out the apartment, etc.

The short version is: there was DISNEY, an adventure in grieving and piecing together a mysterious man’s life, and a couple days of bliss in St. Augustine.

While in Florida, we enjoyed warmer than average temps— above 80 all but a couple days and then returned just before a freak snow and a cold snap which has this mountain winter wind falling below zero. That transition is a little more extreme than I would like.

I might enjoy unpacking a story here and there,
but for now you can check out ye old instagram for a few of the highlights of the month we were gone!



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