Christmas is approaching.
This is definitely the downhill ride into the depth of the holiday.

A week that I anticipated would be full of solitude and quiet,
turned out to be full of feasts and friends.
Not a terrible trade. But it took some adjustment.

And now, I have to gather my thoughts and feelings all together.

I was blessed to still take time each day to savor my experiences,
using Rachel Cole’s mini-course, Sensual Holiday, to settle into my senses and contemplate each day.


For the Solstice I attended a party and enjoyed treats and conversations.


On the first day of Winter, it snowed.
And Kevin and I went on a holiday date with my parents.
More food. More love and light through the dark, cold.

And finally, we took a day trip to Baltimore—our Christmas present to ourselves—to see the musical, Billy Elliott, in the beautiful Hippodrome Theatre. We had amazing pub food, watched a show through giggles and tears, and did a little shopping on the home.

The week and my belly have both been totally stuffed and it feels good slow down again.
Who am I kidding? More friends tonight—holiday fun and Les Miserables goodness. Christmas Eve with carols and family.
Cooking dinner Christmas Day. Packing for our 2-in-1 vacation.
Off to the in-laws. A jaunt into southern WV.
Lots more friends to see.
And beyond that lies vacation—Disney World in the New Year!

So life is not really settling, but for now my mind and body are.
And that is enough.

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