Finals week! Graduating!


So in my insanity, I decided to do a Masters program in a year.
And that year ends Friday. Smile

3 of my 4 finals are done—and graded. I finally feel like I can begin to relax and celebrate. (Though this last one is a doozy.)

Maybe I can also begin to feel more in the mood for Christmas.

I am not decorating much this year, but I had intended to do the porch lights. But that hasn’t happened yet. If I wait much longer maybe I will just do lights a la photoshop.

Recently I posted a picture of my favorite collection of Christmas stories—my mom’s from the 1950’s. It was a Whitman publication. I have discovered since that a large percentage of my childhood memories are tied to their products.

This includes a paper nativity scene that I remembered the other day. So I tracked one down on ebay. Happy Christmas to me!


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