I haven’t eaten a bite today


Aside from the headache brewing from a combination of no food, no caffeine and hormones, it feels great to be empty. I haven’t felt the pangs of hunger in at least a week and was starting to fear I would be unable to break the overeating spree. But turns out my body is totally on board with a serious detox bordering on fast.

We had good visits over Thanksgiving with the promise of even more around Christmas.













It felt amazing to grab some presents at the book fair and stroll the farmer’s markets to bring home some of my favorite honey. (Oh and some lovely holiday tea, which got left behind!!!! It’s a regular tea rapture and mine didn’t make it. ahhhhhh!)

I have, quite sadly, decided not to bring out my usual flock of trees this holiday. With exams and travel, I don’t want to add what might feel like a burden or work to my season. So, I am seeking relaxing alternatives to a living room holiday makeover. And it might be a strand of homemade garland, a few lights, and a winterscape on top of the entertainment center.

As much end of semester work as I have, today shall be spent in holiday recovery, making lists and watching cheesy movies and maybe reading some stories tonight by a candle with a mug of tea. I bought a duplicate copy of a book from my mom’s childhood. It’s still my most-favorite.


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