The 90s closet continues…


I can’t honestly explain it, but it keeps cropping up.
I haven’t left my (gasp) 23 year old chucks alone in weeks.


Given the false persona that seems to naturally occur in the blog universe, where the tendency is to make your life look better, more exciting than it is, you might think I’d be ashamed to expose the clutter and peeling walls of my home. Maybe I should be, but nope. hahaha

Having to buy new clothes and rediscover old ones is causing me to pare down and be more mindful with purchases, so to help with that I keep snapping pictures—to remember what I like, realize what fits, etc.
So lots of grainy phone pics of me at the full length mirror might be in our future . . .

Speaking of, I discovered a pairing of two items that never had a mate until last night. It’s a lounge-y look. But it got compliments at the grocery store last night. Winking smile


Off to catch up on some trashy DVR and cuddle with the puppy.


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