Kevin & Heidi go to NYC!


We left for Virginia the day after “Joseph…” ended.
The next day we traveled to stay with a friend in New Jersey,
where I discovered a beer I actually like (in a Bonefish Grill, of all places)!

First day in the city. Saw ONCE. Went to Blockheads with Jim.
And it rained.


And rained. And we had cupcakes. Of course.

Then we saw NEWSIES. Two show day! Good night, New York.


Lots of walking on Day 2. And Kevin’s first trip to the Natural History Museum.
After a stop at Shake Shack, of course.

C360_2012-08-16-13-36-17-2IMG_20120816_151245  C360_2012-08-16-13-43-45-1 C360_2012-08-16-14-00-29-1 C360_2012-08-16-14-11-41-1 C360_2012-08-16-14-23-41-1 C360_2012-08-16-14-24-00-1 C360_2012-08-16-14-24-41-1 Camera 360 C360_2012-08-16-14-30-22-1 C360_2012-08-16-14-32-11-1

And then we hit the highlights in Central Park.

C360_2012-08-16-14-54-20-1IMG_20120816_151355  C360_2012-08-16-15-38-03-1 C360_2012-08-16-15-51-24-1 C360_2012-08-16-15-58-01-1 Camera 360Camera 360 

A walk down 5th Ave. and a trip to see Peter and the Starcatcher.
(Afterward we did some hanging out with Josh, Shaun and Jim.)

 C360_2012-08-16-16-35-16-1 C360_2012-08-16-20-17-29-1

Our last day in the city was perfect. While waiting to go to the Edison Cafe with Jim, we decided to try for the Book of Mormon lottery.
Oh the impossibilities. And Kevin’s name was called second. That’s right. Hottest ticket in town for cheap, ya’ll.

And didn’t these lady lovers have the cutest legs and matching flip flops.

C360_2012-08-17-11-54-52-1 C360_2012-08-17-12-13-27-1

That night we had a leisurely meal with Keith and look who popped in!!
Hi, Andy!!


As we left Saturday morning, we decided to take a slight detour for tea and brunch at Sally Lunn’s in Chester.

IMG_20120818_105257 Camera 360

Our drive South was just gorgeous. A perfect vacation.

IMG_20120818_142020 IMG_20120818_141621


One thought on “Kevin & Heidi go to NYC!

  1. Heidi, we’re so happy you took the time to stop by Shake Shack during your time in NYC.

    Hope you had an awesome trip (it sounds like it!), and our team can’t wait to see you again next time you’re in the city!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack

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