i am a cautionary tale


 You don’t learn a lesson
’til you live it.

I’m here to witness.
By the time you get thirsty you are already dehydrated!

Exhibit A:
Me, still red faced after chugging
40 oz. of liquid and sitting for half an hour.

(Also note: if you lose a ton of weight, you will suddenly have wrinkles.)


Today is a beautiful WARM SUNNY day.
It is not the day to forget my water bottle (for the second time this week). But I did and whoa boy do I regret it.

When I finally wrote about losing weight, people were very sweet and I am grateful. Lots of folks also said they wanted to get healthier or lose weight themselves.

I am not much of an advice giver on the matter, but I will say one thing. Forget starting to exercise AND altering your diet radically at the same time. I lost 70 lbs. before I dedicated myself to any regular exercise at all. And I know plenty of people have done things the other way around.

What I can guarantee (that even I would not have believed when I started) is that when you do one you will eventually have the instinct to do the other. That doesn’t mean you automatically will, but at least you will WANT to.

So pick one, diet change or exercise, and STICK to it!


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