1/3 of myself


270345_2148984722588_1185421183_2684084_2846281_n Camera 360

That’s how much weight is gone.
33% of my body weight since August.
I’ve been done losing for a few weeks,
so I thought it might be a good time
to let folks who haven’t seen me in awhile
get the shock over with.

Neither of these photos is particularly glamorous,
but you get the general idea.
I think usually people don’t have a ton of
full length shots just lying around.
The first one is from rehearsals last summer
and the new one I snapped about a week ago.

4 thoughts on “1/3 of myself

  1. heidi

    I generally like to succeed (or fail) privately, Heidi. 😉
    I’m actually less motivated by attention than most folks.

    And oh Deb, have you met my husband? lol. He’s not fond of cameras.
    If finding pics of me was hard, for him it might be impossible!

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