Mostly, I just do homework



and more homework

Now that work is tapering off to nothing, I should start to feel a reprieve which may allow me to do things like recreational reading, exercise, house cleaning. . . even those things that would normally feel like chores will be welcome.

I promise.

And oh, I wish I could sleep right now.
Instead I am flipping indecisively between Toddlers & Tiaras and Good Eats.
I have thus learned it only takes two cuts to prepare an artichoke for cooking.

I had a nice dinner with mom and dad and Kev to celebrate mom’s birthday.
Last week I got to see friends at a Bachelorette Party.
Socializing felt so decadent.

The entire week prior I was in New York. That didn’t feel as excessive as it might sound because those trips are so necessary to my mental health!

C360_2012-03-20-17-58-40 1332273135232



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