getting grouchy


My day is getting glum,
so instead of doing one of the 8 million things I need to . . .

I have decided to blog.
Out of nowhere, it seems, right?


It is rainy.
And not in the
cuddle-up-and-be-cozy kind of way.
More in the
sort of way.

So meh.

I am also having one of those days where I would just like to get rid of all of my furry children.
My dog won’t use the bathroom outside when it’s rainy.
Ask me where he does? IN HIS FREAKING WATER BOWL.


And he’s hyper and chasing the curmudgeonly cat who already refuses to use the litter box and only has diarrhea that sounds like she’s sneezing out her ass.

Are you sick of this yet? Because trust me,
this show is NOT better in 3D.

The other cats have done nothing wrong, but the parade of cat hair down my stairs and onto my black leggings is putting me in a real “throw the baby out with the bathwater” mood.

I really intended this post to be one sentence of grumpy and a paragraph of catch-up . . . whoops.

In the world where grouch and catch-up meet,
the non-profit I have been director of for six years is crumbling.
Or, at least their ability to pay my salary is, so no job after next month.

Except for taxes until April . . . so all this drama and I get to work two jobs while . . . drumroll, please . . . .

being a full-time graduate student!

After swearing never to spend money on school again,
I decided to get my Masters in Library Science.
Because, well, I *am* a librarian. I just am.
May as well get paid for it someday.


And that’s the news, folks.

I’ll be out of the slump when the sun returns! I promise.


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