Christmas eve is here.


I am so sleepy, but want to take a few moments to collect my thoughts and appreciate what a great week it has been.

I’ve been reading “The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie”, and
am beginning this day (late this night) by watching an
episode of “Little House on the Prairie”. I do love the Christmas episodes.

alpine pantry

Momma and I went on an overnight shopping trip at the beginning of the week in Hagerstown. It was bustling and absolutely perfect for setting my mood.

We stopped at the Alpine Pantry and all the baking is so meditative and peaceful to watch!

I’ve been moving swiftly ever since–



decorating our trees . . .
partying on Solstice Eve . . .
work. work. work..Tavern

And I had a long overdue talk with David late last night and then today a pleasant journey with Kevin for a festive and warm visit to the Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford with Josh, Shaun and John.

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