let’s talk productivity!


Red velvet




I went on a date with my husband,
courtesy of our lovely patron saint
of dinner dates, Charlotte.

(I even stole a bite of
red velvet cupcake afterward!)




Speaking (or not) of my eating.

Dukan breadOur evening snack
was finishing off the
dukan-friendly bread
I made yesterday.

It’s very dense,
but quite satisfying.
I actually cheated
by using regular
cinnamon sugar on it.

I haven’t been getting
my daily dose of oat bran,
so it’s nice to have
something yummy to
encourage me to get back to it.


After taking most of this week to recover from the insanity of that past few months, I got around to rearranging the downstairs rooms. It took quite awhile, and I still have a bit of cleaning in the front room, but it looks like I am prime for decorating tomorrow!

AND I planned an overnight out of town shopping excursion with mom for later in the weekend.

Though I have all but given up the illusion that I will carry my DSLR around, I have continued with Picture the Holidays and am finding the relaxed camera phone use to be more in line with just savoring the moment and enjoying what is!

Sincerely YoursSeason of LightsSeason of Lights 2


It’s 3:22am and I really need to unwind . . . but Pinterest is upgrading its servers! LOL.

Criminal Minds it is.

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