back to business


New York was wonderful, even if it did leave me a little further behind in the photo editing department! But as soon as I got back life started rolling downhill toward the holidays.

I like the activity actually.  And being on this diet (which I have yet to explain to anyone that hasn’t eaten with me) has given me more energy. The kind that feels sustaining.

But in order to maintain sanity during a hectic work season while preparing for 3 holiday performances, I have had to carve out a little bit of ritual.

I don’t have grand hopes of taking a month off and overhauling the house or playing catch up. (ANNIE costumes (that was June, remember?) are still piled in my spare room . . .

So while energy swirls madly around me and clutter seeks crowd me off the couch, I drink Twinings Earl Grey tea and light a Mulled Cranberry candle.


It’s nice to remember everything doesn’t have to be perfectly ordered to be perfect just-as-it-is.

Aaaaaaand, I am gearing up to turn 36 on October 30th!


Autumn blessings,


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