I need a tea cup


Not any teacup.
My teacup.

This isn’t a teacup I had and lost.
But rather a teacup that has yet to find its home with me.

I own my grandmother’s favorite mug.
And her mother’s.
But it isn’t quite the same.

I recently bought a reusable on-the-go cup.

But when it’s two a.m. and I am blogging by candlelight to the sound of my humidifier, I need something special.
A cup that’s beauty will help me forget that the caffeine is going to keep me awake until sunrise.





One thought on “I need a tea cup

  1. I”m such a big fan of teacups, teapots and all the yummy little cakes and sandwiches that go with it during a ‘high tea’, I’ve even created some teacup/pot paintings

    may you find your goldilocks teapot
    the one that’s ‘just right’


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