That What Sparkles


I am so blessed to receive what the city gives me.

92611 Times Square

I am very lucky when it comes to my friends, experiences and opportunities.

mecca for lotto

The Eugene O’Neill theatre is like “Grandma’s House” to me.
It is where I first saw the same Broadway show twice in 24 hours,
(90’s Grease Revival) and where, with that blessing/curse,
I spent about 50 hours in its seats during the run of Spring Awakening.
When I returned there in April to see Book of Mormon in the right box, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of home there, sitting in the same seat I sat in last at Spring’s final performance.

I was lucky to see Book of Mormon . . . getting a lottery seat there your first time trying is absurd. Having used that bit of luck, losing this time was not shocking—but standing outside that theatre still feels like a hug.

And the Broadway Flea Market is totally a “family reunion”.

Prior to the matinee, we went down to check on tickets for Anything Goes.
I’ll spare the details, but suffice to say the Broadway Stars were aligned and
a seat in the front center orchestra was obtained (as the lights went down) for $70—instead of it’s $260 value.


*whew* That was close.
Relief and gratitude set in while Sutton sang “I Get a Kick Out of You”.
I mean, who tears up during an establishing number?
I do.
There is a moment during every show for me where I settle in and any
Broadway house becomes home.

And how absolutely satisfying to see these two together.
I have nothing but reverence watching stars reborn
and legends just having a damn good time.


After a series of unfortunate circumstances, Andy & I finally ended up at “Billy Elliott” in the evening. Of course those little dervishes playing Billy are always breathtaking, but this kid was quite the actor.

Just as special, this little boy playing Michael . . . well, he seemed to have fans. Eventually we realized that it was his final performance!


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