blissfully empty


I have a brief evening of reprieve–
a view of the negative space.

negative space

in between months of rehearsals and busy-ness
and more rehearsals and performances,
I have a moment.

It wasn’t even stolen.

Vacation, as always, was a rest from normal life–
something entirely different,
but also exhausting and a rush to fill days with all that specialness.
I guess it’s why a weary return usually prompts people to say
that they need a “vacation to recover from vacation”.

This is it.
The time where I revel in the emptiness.
I have given all my energy, all that stored up emotion and
residual anxiety, to fun and sun and heat.

And after a day or so of indulgence in the nation’s oldest city;
and after the long drive north;

For one day, I am sitting as an empty vessel and enjoying it.

I feel light
and like you could speak into my soul and hear the echo

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