is hot.

really hot.

But before I go to Disney property, the land of all things courteous–
except $10 a day internet–
(C’mon WDW, join the 21st century. Free wifi, please.)
And in between sweat and rashes and feeling flushed and dehydrated
and weird foot cramps and mini anxiety attacks . . .

Mooresville, NC

I should say that vacation is still AMAZING.

Slept last night in Georgia, after what felt like a “too easy” travel day.

Light traffic, good talks, and the drive flying by.

An unexpectedly satisfying lunch at a Cracker Barrel.

The shorter leg of the trip was today, but we extend it slightly by taking A1A,
because I insist on driving through my spiritual hometown of St. Augustine!tour buggyBridge of LionsLionFlagler Beach

In Orlando, we are spending one night off property, which is how I am able to
give a lengthy update—the rest of the week will be just mobile snippets.

Iron Mickey

This evening we strolled Downtown Disney, had appetizers at Cooke’s and dinner at the new Dine-In part of the AMC Theatres. The food is good, not too pricey and very worth the experience of dining while watching a movie.

We saw “Bridesmaids”, which really is as funny as you’ve heard.

Tomorrow the rest of the party arrives and we are on to Walt Disney World!


One thought on “Orlando

  1. Lindsay

    Say hello to the Mouse for me (and Pooh, too!). And eat a piece of peanut butter fudge from the Confectionery in Magic Kingdom. Most importantly, have an awesome time!

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