One for the road.



  Tomorrow we head out for the land of happy.

  Our last trip was plagued with 
  downpours. (Note the crazy clouds and shiny
  streets in the photo.)
  This time the rain is here in West Virginia– 
  mighty torrents that I haven’t witnessed
  since that vacation in 2009.
  Good news is the weather looks great for
  Disney in the coming week, but even if it
  rained, it wouldn’t be this bloody cold. brrrr.

  Tomorrow to Virginia.
  Friday to Georgia. 
  Saturday to Florida.
  Sunday check in for 7 days at WDW!


  By means of catch up,
  we’ll call late April until now
  “extreme costuming”, as I have tried
  to get a bulk of costumes gathered for ANNIE.

  It’s less than a month until we open and I’m
  gone for two weeks of that.
  So, when I get home it will be mad work!


  Early in April I had a great visit with some
  brave friends.

  Rachael and Brian were in just the first days
  their bike journey and it was a joy to help them find comfort out of the, yes, RAIN (do we have a theme here, or what)
and share stories and love at the tender beginning of their BIG adventure.

madward rachaelme


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