Nothing is Sacred. Everything is Sacred.


It all began in 1994. Easter Sunday. I dragged my mom (okay, she was truly willing) to see Kent and Luther in the 25th Anniversary tour of Hair. It was my first “unorthodox” Easter.

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Since that year, I have on occasion spent my Easter holidays with the  casts of RENT, Spring Awakening . . . and now this year, the pièce de résistance of offending-the-high-brow-segment-of-Christianity-by celebrating-Jesus’-tomb-disappearing-act-in-places-of-debauchery . . . The Book of Mormon.

It was more a genuine human spiritual experience than you might at first think.

Theatres tend to be my Church. And I think I may have met God there more often, too. (And this from a trained religious leader. *gasp*)
Wanna make something of it?

So I have entirely spent my weekend with many who
those who like to call themselves Christians “love” to hate
and am worshipping this Easter Sunday
with religious and cultural satire.

I am 100% sure Jesus is with me.

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