the pressure


Tonight the pressure is great–
to fill my evening with all the unstructured relaxation that I can squeeze in.

Tomorrow is the sitzprobe for the musical, thus beginning a near endless two weeks of non-stop running and schedules.

So for now I sit frittering away the precious little free time I have left.
Because the pressure it TOO MUCH.
argh!! Sleep? Movies? Dairy Queen? Visiting? Painting???
All I have really done today is have lunch with dad and Kev and internet research on random topics that are less than relevant in my immediate life.

I had a Mint Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen and it made my otherwise-squandered evening worthwhile.

Now I am watching DVR’d Oprah and coveting things on the internets . . .

like this notebook . . .

and a Holga lens for my DSLR . . .


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