Uh oh, I am writing a Valentine’s Day post!


I don’t think I speak very often about love in any kind of specific way,
mostly because I don’t much care for the way in which our society has portrayed romantic love.

Don’t get me wrong I am drawn to a good (though potentially sexist) fairytale with the best of ‘em. I love fantasy and maidens, and tall towers and castles, and unicorns and magic. I don’t at all mind the kind of fake princess love when it is set clearly outside of my reality. But having had all that translated into “real life” in movies and diamond commercials, well, let’s just say it took a lot of gagging for me to find a card for my love. And then the one I really liked was for “son” and I decided it was too creepy and oedipal to mark out “son” and give it to my spouse, so I didn’t get it. Even though it said really lovely things about being proud of him and loving him every single moment—and lots of other things that actually translate quite nicely to real marriage, without creepy innuendos about one of our “assets”. Seeeeeriously. yuck.

I want to tell you about my fairy tale.

Our house is messy, a soft blanket of cat hair ever beneath our feet.

We laugh uproariously as we daily bestow our dog with new monikers . . . like “Celine Pee-On”.

I have over a dozen poems now. One written each year for this very holiday.
Isn’t that sexy?

Our proposal was most unique. Let’s leave it at “I was having a panic attack . . . and RING.” Smooth, right? But PERFECT. For real.

I can’t think of a single thing I would change about our wedding.

Next month we will celebrate our 11th anniversary, so maybe I will tell more detailed stories then.

But for now, if you feel like your relationship isn’t what they look like in books or on the screens,

but it feeeeeeels right,

then it IS.

Because my knight in shining armor?
Well, he’s driving a Prius. And picking up a pizza. Even though he is super sick.
He loves me a LOT.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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