Merry Merry!


A Peppermint Wonderland by Stephanie Fizer


How is the holiday going??!

Tomorrow morning . . . well, this morning . . . we are heading down to my in-laws until the new year. That means no internet access really. Which also means that it’s time to break my streak on 750 Words. I went 113 days, which is pretty remarkable for me! I think at this point I am going to begin writing in a paper journal again for awhile. But I am grateful for the daily writing practice.

I’ve also begun finishing Reverb 10 on paper, but still intend to publish that writing. I just know that my time online in the next few weeks will be more isolated and rare, so I am planning for it.

Hopefully, I will find more new ways to use this space in 2011.

In the meantime I am excited for some time to retreat—eating, sleeping, reading and hanging out with family.

I’m also relishing the thought of filling in my 2011 Workbook and Planner!



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