Wisdom. Wisdom.


December 10 – Wisdom Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (Author: Susannah Conway)

Potentially Wise decisions:

— purchasing health insurance (see previous post: Let Go.)

— claiming my place as a liberal theologian and pastor, and finally not caring about trying to appease the people who are uncomfortable (I performed a big gay wedding this year!)

— continuing to focus most on family and friends with whom I have a mutual relationship

— giving up the idea that we will stay here and fix up this very old house (we’re gonna move, but we are on the slooooow track since there is so much to do first)

— going back to performing. Even on a small scale, the process brings me peace and sanity!

Kevin nominated three times where “wisdom” prevailed:

— my befriending of someone at an opportune time, when it might have at first seemed wise NOT to

— my means and way of helping a family through a difficult situation

— cutting off ties with an energy sucking client

— my handling of a potentially volatile and dangerous event


I had trouble with the superlative aspect of this prompt, so before I could choose the “wisest”, I needed a list to work from.

I’m complicated, I know.

This year, because I was asked by two of my dearest friends to marry them, and because the decision to do so was such a GIANT no-brainer, I had to decide what it meant for me to stand up and be proud and public and really stand by that decision. Largely, nothing has changed, but I know that my honesty about my beliefs is always closer to the tip of my tongue and that will likely limit my options for ministry in the future. But I’d rather get to express God’s fullness as I see it, rather than hide meekly behind what masses of people, who likely only show up for church on Easter and Christmas, think I should believe!

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