December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

Wonder is my favorite emotion.
I’m not sure I realized that until just now.

Cultivating positive emotions is a pretty common concept in many spiritual and religious traditions. I think the one that a lot of people shoot for is gratitude.

Me, too. Really. One of my first online usernames is a form of the gaelic word for “grateful”. But what I realize as I soak in the word “wonder”, is that I believe wonder is the first step for me in getting to any positive feeling.

I tend to Wonder—and all these positive emotions flow forth.
Gratitude. Serenity. Confidence. Love. Joy. Curiosity. Hope.

I find I am easily awed and amazed and surprised by the world.
I don’t know whether my sense of wonder is more natural,
or a result of lots of practice.

This year.
I am not sure I did anything new.

I try to live in a special space, a mental space, a kind of “Wonder”-land all my own.
Before you think I sound especially touched,
I should say that when life gets too normal, too mundane or when I start living without really noticing;
I try to inject everything with a little magic.
Or I try to get a change of scenery.

I go on solitary journeys.
Experiencing things alone sometimes allows me to interact with the world without feeling the expectations of others and without any self-consciousness.

I see shows on Broadway, often multiple times. I crave live music events.
Live performance is a special kind of alchemy and I am guaranteed to feel wonder every time.

I could sit below colored lights and stare at something so much wider and taller than my field of vision forever.

I could close my eyes and soak in sound until my soul was pruney like my toes after a long bath.

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