Let Go.


December 5 – Let Go.

What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

(Author: Alice Bradley)

I let go of the uncertainty and fear (and the shade of invincibility) that has come with not having health insurance.
This year, I have purchased insurance.
I have lost many many dollars.
And been frustrated countless times by insurance company vernacular and shadiness,
but have definitely gained a certain peace of mind.

I don’t like the admission that something big health-wise could happen that I wouldn’t be able to cover on my own.
But in reality it doesn’t actually take something very big at all to reach beyond one’s budget.
Not to mention, it’s just risky and irresponsible to not have coverage.

This year I will be adjusting my plan.
(When I signed up I went crazy and got plan that was more than I needed.)
And I am hoping the savings will offset the cost of adding Kevin to the plan.

Hooray for both of us being insured for the first time in, oh, at least 10 years.

I think letting go of something is never fully freeing . . .
meaning, when you let go of something you end up having to acknowledge some painful facts.

But it’s so worth it.



One thought on “Let Go.

  1. Wow I can imagine that it must be so relieving to have good health insurance. I live in the Netherlands so here its in the law that everybody needs to have insurance. If you cant pay for your insurance the government will give you money to be able to pay for a plan that covers the most basic health costs like hospital admissions and doctor visits etc.

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