the power of an educated girl


This post is to remind us all,
all of us who have taken our education for granted,
thereby denying the power of even the most basic learning.

This post is to remind us all,
all of us who were once children,
how tender and singularly important our transition into adulthood is.

In many parts of our beautiful beautiful world,
girls do not receive the same education as boys.
And yet, their education produces some very powerful results.

“Birthrates fall and each 4 years of schooling reduces family size by 1 birth.
Family health improves.
A UN study found that education of girls had a greater impact on health than medical, nutrition, water and sanitation interventions.”

“ . . . literacy accelerates, political extremism and violence decline and both family and national income grow.”

Educate Girls Globally “aims for a cultural shift, away from fatalistic passivity to an active, creative mind that gives girls the opportunities to take control of their lives.”

Girl Effect is organizing to take all this information and enthusiasm for girl education and focusing on the most crucial time in the lives of girls across the globe.

Click play.

You will not regret the minutes you spend watching this beautifully designed video.

The wise and passionate Tara Sophia Mohr has organized a blogging campaign to spread the word about The Girl Effect.

Go on over to her site to read other’s posts. And learn how to join us and help communicate your support.


2 thoughts on “the power of an educated girl

  1. Heidi,
    Thank you so much for joining in this effort to spread the Girl Effect message and make a difference. This is a critical juncture and the girls of the world are depending on us to speak up and take action.
    Hugs to you –

  2. Hi Heidi,

    We really do have a beautiful world, it’s people’s selfish actions that make it ugly. If women were cherished, if humanity and kindness were cherished none of this would even be happening.

    People treated like the animals on corporate farms (something else I want to eradicate!) We can lift each other up if we try.

    thanks for spreading the word.

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