Power Post – Lesson 19: What Happens When You Follow The Muse


Rachelle told us her story of daring to follow her muse’s instruction and guidance! In our homework we are thinking of times we followed the impulse of our heart, when it may not have made good sense financially or was out of character for us or our culture. What fears or concerns did we have before following? Did it work out?

Sadly, I don’t always follow muse-i-call instruction. But I always hear.
When I am brave enough to leap,
the benefits have far outweighed the initial risks.
I have the most difficulty ignoring the reactions of others–
feeling the need to justify a decision to family, friends, strangers . . .

I experience this process each and every time I travel. I am drawn to it, pushed over the edge by a crowd of muses.
I don’t often travel far or for longer than a few days– but I travel frequently, leaving behind my spouse, my job, my worries,
and *shudder* spending money.
It is for those reasons that my choices are challenged, criticized
and questioned. But I trust my instincts where wandering is concerned.
It is in my blood. If I didn’t indulge the whims on a small scale,
I am certain it would manifest in far more drastic ways.
What others may consider damage– I know is, in fact, damage control.
So, while I am struggling to manage my own fears and concerns,
I also struggle with the opinions and concerns of others,
no matter how well intended they may be.
I’ve always been a bit of a gypsy.

When I first stayed away from home overnight at camp for a week,
it seemed to my mother that I didn’t miss my family at all.
I told her, I did, but not painfully. But not because I didn’t love them–
because I had been so filled and inspired I hadn’t thought of them too much.
I assured her that when I did think of them, I missed them.
And if I had thought of them more, I’d have missed them more.
But I didn’t see the point in *trying* to be in pain.
The benefits of being “away from home” had outweighed the risks
and I was hooked on the insight and inspiration I gained being away,
then to the rush of pleasure in returning to familiarity.
People will always have feeling and opinions about my vagabond nature.
But I feel myself in this rhythm. I know it is right and good.
It always works out in the end. Tired. Anxious. Poor.
But also. Quickened. Relaxed. Rich.
The experiences are always that way. Full of chaos,
but perfect and followed by a period of hibernation for balance.

I am blessed. Blessed to be practiced at following this desire.
Blessed to have people who support and defend
and love this unorthodox part of me.

“Going places” is the brush with which I paint the art of life.

travel collage

1. thomas, 2. fort seybert 09, 3. constitution park, 4. animal kingdom, 5. theatre district, 6. magic kingdom, 7. myrtle beach, 8. cumberland, 9. nyc, 10. the thames, 11. pennsylvania, 12. gettysburg, 13. bloomington


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