Power Post – Lesson #16 – Connecting with Your Muse


My muses sing.
They communicate through impromptu divination–
I am big on shuffle, opening books to the middle and random web searching for inspiration.
They also employ previous episodes of creativity,
scholarship, science, books, movies, pop culture,
live performance, relationships, nature and color.

The muses are never quiet really,
so there is never a lack of inspiration– only motivation.
I am pretty sure the muses are twins
and embody all manner of expression, gender,
sexuality, extremes of lightness and darkness.

In the spirit of discovering something everywhere,
I hit shuffle on my iPod–
and will describe aspects of my creativity according to what comes up! Fun!

Melisande from 110 in the Shade
Lizzie is wooed by File and Starbuck.
There is always a natural struggle between the Playful and Practical.

The Call from Floyd Collins
Echoes. Strings. Use of the Voice. Mountain roots.

does not suffice by Joanna Newsom
avant garde. genius. child-like. odd. ethereal.

the Fear by Lily Allen
similarities. playful. strong. colorful. sarcastic. blunt. confident.

Gedanken Lesen by Annett Louisan
from her album Teilzeihippie
Those titles– mind-reading and part-time hippie say it all!

La Vie En Rose covered by Pomplamoose
classic. reinvent. re-envisioning. interpretation.

Change is Hard by She & Him
Well, it is. And you better get used to the winds of change if you follow the muse!

Over the Rainbow covered by Matt Morrison on Glee
OZ. and all that means. childhood. musicals. old and new.

True Colors also from the Glee Soundtrack
self-expression. the importance of truth and honesty of self.

Those elements are all a fairly decent summary and representation of the forms and values of my muses.

My notes from Elizabeth Gilbert’s February 2009 TED talk on creativity

-meet others fear.
-rational to feel fear around the work we’re put on this earth to do? (I hope not!)
-why must creative ventures make us nervous about one another’s mental health?
-What and Why is this link between creativity and suffering? It is not a comfortable assumption.
-what models do we have for managing creativity?
-in Ancient Greece and Rome creativity came to humans via “daemons” and “the genius”. Divine or otherworldly entities external to the creator.
-that psychological distance protected artists– both from narcissism and suffering. (They were never fully responsible.)
-Renaissance puts humans above all magic and divine.
-And it all becomes too much responsibility for the human psyche.
-the outlook has been destroying 500 years of artists . . . how to reverse the damage?
-Why not think about as we used to?
-She tells the story of poet Ruth Stone running fast to collect the art as the inspiration rushed through her.
-though most have brushed up against such an unidentifiable spirit or source, Liz and most others toil on and work until fruit is born of that labor.
-Tom Waits released the genie from inside of him– when he called out for the inspiration to return later or find another vessel.
-Relate sanely to creativity by showing up. Doing your part.
-Those extraordinary moments happen, but they are on “loan”, you don’t own them.

I am certainly still considering how this relationship to an external muse relates to my own life and the other artists I know and love.


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