Vintage Hitchcock


I promise I will get back to Power Stories lessons soon . . .
but I was so excited to finally get a copy of the radio show and upload my pictures that I wanted to share some things first.

This Fall I decided the best way to get in the mood for the season was to find some holiday appropriate theatre to participate in. Luckily one local company does a radio show every year that is eerie and broadcast for the Halloween season. This year we did “Vintage Hitchcock”, an adaptation of three Hitchcock tales.
It’s so much fun to do a 1940s era live radio recording.
We dress in period costume and perform all the sound effects live.

Here is the 1st Act of our show . . . an adaptation of Hitchcock’s “The Lodger”, based on the novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes. I do the voice acting in this portion for Mrs. Bunting. (Once the story begins, mine is the first voice you hear.

Click here to listen to “The Lodger”

Such a great night!


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