An Ode to Overalls


Okay, it’s not so much an ode as a blog post with pictures.

Inspired by a twitter conversation with Darrah and Rachael where we made a very important decision regarding overalls.

We decided . . . we like them.

Perhaps, you say, they are ugly and should stay on the farm, or musicals about farms.

I am not arguing that anyone call them “fashion forward”, though as recently as this past Spring fashion sources in the UK

and the US

perhaps mistakenly believed we should make them fashion.

I am fine with them just being clothes I like.

Clothes that go great with pigtails.


As you can see, I have had plenty of snazzy overalls in my days.
I was created in the 70s, so I owned more than one pair as a toddler.
I then grew into a fabulous pair of vintage 60s bellbottom overalls just in time to be really uncool in middle school.
But grunge saved me and my love for overalls, and before you know it I had socially acceptable baggy fashion to hide my boobs under through high school!

My most favorite overalls though were bright green short overalls.
I insisted on wearing them for achievement tests in elementary school.
Being March, it was really too cold, but mom compromised and put me in them with knee socks and a turtleneck.

I am fairly certain those were acquired because I loved these so much but outgrew them . . .
I had a tendency to always want “new versions” of clothes I was particularly attached to!

And I am pretty sure Wendy Nazare seduced me with her overalls.

Now I REALLY want to make some overalls! Who’s with me??!

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Overalls

  1. bibprofessor

    I’m with you and a lot of other overalls fans are with you, join us on the international overalls day, Nov 20, overalls cannot be beaten ! overall greetings Niels

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