Power Post- Lesson #14


All of us occasionally . . .  Some struggle continually . . .
Whether from anxiety or defensiveness or insecurity, we have a tendency to over-explain.
It weakens our arguments. We diminish our own power.
And it is this tendency that is the greatest challenge in hearing the lesson Tara Sophia Mohr brought to Power Stories.

In this lesson we learned about the double-sided power of speaking our truth.
Power One.
Speak your truth.
Power Two.
Stop and Wait.

As it turns out, saying what you feel at your core isn’t nearly as difficult as resisting the urge to explain it!

Tara’s advice in moments of confusion or chaos or anxiety . . .
Take a moment. Breathe. Notice your feeling. State a BRIEF fact about your feelings, needs or experience.
And wait.

If you back pedal, apologize, or try to make the statement “nicer”,
you are depriving the yourself of the potential for having your truth accepted without all the trimmings that make it less like your truth and more like an over-decorated Christmas tree.
Just stick to the white lights for a moment!

We have to hear the other party to consider compromise.
We don’t have to assume that having needs and expressing them will endanger our friendships.
We all lose if we never give someone else the chance to meet our needs.

It’s bold.
But it’s one way we stand in our own power.
And when we know our needs and stand up for ourselves,
we give others permission to do the same thing.
We model good communication and a strong sense of self to the children and growing adults around us.
And when it’s all said and done,
you won’t have regrets or resentment on the matter.

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