Power Post 13 – Credo


My assignment this day was to write my own creed.

Staying aware that my beliefs do change as I mature,
what is my creed right now?

Well, I have to say– the word “creed” kept me stumped for while.
Most people’s understanding of a creed is born of a religious understanding of creed.
I come from a tradition that is non-creedal.
So . . . . I have a little crimp in my own relationship with creeds.
Though historically we vaguely refer to entire New Testament as our rule of faith and practice,refusing to limit our faith to a formal statement.

Of course we found ways to make our beliefs known in similar ways, that just didn’t amount to a recitation of theological statements, en masse, or aloud during every worship.

All that said, I have beliefs.
About loooots of things.
And sometimes they change.
But I finally got comfortable making a statement–
knowing I could change it ANYtime,
without committees or approval from anyone.

So, I accept this as an on-going ever-changing draft of a credo.

I am Heidi.
Still a little girl at heart.
Born of a tiny immediate family,
but a mighty large extended one.

I am an only child.
I compulsively acquire siblings.
Desperately seeking sisters.
A magnet for brothers.

I prefer life

when everyone feels included,
and genuinely is.

when I,
and my friends,
have found their place in this world
and are comfortable in it.

I prefer to live

with a tribe.
to know their talents.
to see each member’s worth.

I prefer my earth mates

to see everyone as their neighbors.
to love those neighbors.
to love themselves.
to touch the sacred.

I see
beauty everywhere.
I try
to capture it
to share
for others to experience.
I think
teaching others to do this
for one another
is how the earth breathes.

Respect is non-negotiable.
Love is inevitable.
Joy is often fleeting.
Grief has merit.
Curiosity is a gift,
an antidote to ennui
and inertia.

Being vulnerable isn’t easy.
Attempt it anyway.
We are all braver than we know.

I am most broken
by my own fear
and by the pain
of seeing others’ fear
cause so much pain.

Let go.

In this world,
even when it feels
most difficult,
I must speak.
sometimes loudly.
sometimes quickly.
I must claim that voice.
I must tell the truth.
I must tell stories.
So must you.

I can no longer
ever stand silent
in the presence of
hatred or abuse.

I seek to be
more present,
more conscientious,
more aware everyday,
and to challenge others
to do likewise.

I want the world to know
PEACE is not an unattainable ideal
it is an ordinary choice.
Make it yours everyday.

I have to make things.
Actual things.
It makes life real.

Art helps us see our potential
and accept what is.

I value
what exposes,
and clarifies.

I stand strong.
And I will stand with you.
I am not ashamed.

A family of friends
can never be too large.


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