Lesson 12- *8 things I know right now


Inspired by the Oprah column, “What I Know for Sure”.
my truths. my core. this is what i know *right now*.

~ all people have fascinating stories.

~ confrontation and conflict aren’t “bad”. violence and abuse are. make choices about how you communicate.

~ important stuff happens while we sleep. get enough sleep. take naps. they are soul renewing.

~ the most important balancing act we perform is the one between relationship with ourselves (solitude) and relationships with others (intimacy).

~ just because something ugly stands between you, doesn’t mean there is no beauty . i learned this from the sky.

~ there is always a way through. i learned this from water.

~ what you can’t see can make a lot of “noise”. i learned this from wind.

~ you cannot grow strong and tall alone. i learned this from bamboo.


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