Power Pause ~ Power Post #11 : Basic Truths


First I have to address the Power Pause.
Tragedy struck my family and it was too somber to consider working on matters of personal identity.
It was time to care for the tribe. To stay close despite all our differences.
On the heels of that, I got sick.
Normally I think being sick, while uncomfortable, provides me with time to reflect and write.
That would have facilitated the work. But not this time. It was beyond that.
And then, I didn’t have a voice for two and a half weeks. That’s pretty powerful!
It was the first time I have ever really had laryngitis.
These last two weeks following that were filled with activity.
Catching up on everything that had been let go during my illness.
Lots of rehearsals. A couple of performances. (Thank goodness I got my voice back in time!)
And then it was birthday/ Halloween / Dia de los Muertos!
Life has been busy, but in the best ways possible.
During that time, I did slowly complete the Power Stories course, finishing only a week behind it’s end.
But I did it all in my giant love of a sketchbook/ journal.
And now I am bringing the wisdom it brought me back into the light of day!

Lesson 11-
Re-establishing our own Truth

Week three was all about moving on away from everyone else’s messages and into our own TRUTH.

In this first lesson we did a version of the “I am . . . ” exercise/prompt.
My notes from that day tell me that Heidi is:

– still shy at heart after all these years
– always seeking purpose and meaning (kind of compulsively)
– somewhat magical ~ okay, fully magical
– brave in the face of injustice
– tired of seeing people’s fear damage one another
– honest
– accepting
– inclusive
– conscientious (occasionally to a fault, or at least to my own disservice)
– finally on a path to being 100% unashamed of all she is
– calm when she trusts Spirit
– fully present
– occasionally prophetic
– curious
– really curious
– finding her way
– understanding forgiveness
– accepting mystery
– still seeking my soul’s tribe
– missing the process of daily art-making
– claiming new gifts
– appreciating family
– grateful for theological education
– but scared for the future of the Christian community
– able to love
– enthusiastic
– vulnerable
– always stronger than she thinks
– reading too much (at least for my eyes!)
– proud of her scars
– happy being an adult
– longing to not feel chaos
– inspired by strangers
– quickened by Autumn

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