“If thou hast these things only by fits and starts.”


Robert Sanderson’s Sermons, 1681.

That is the first recorded usage of the idiom “fits and starts”.
This is how I blog.
In “fits and starts”.

It makes me unfit for the blogher directory– which frankly is disappointing from a feminist perspective.
Really Blogher? You’re going to tell women how to blog? How much is enough or not enough?

“Blogs that are not updated several times a month will not be accepted.”

Well, that’s *their* definition of an active blog, though several seems pretty vague and for how many consecutive months; they do not say.

I have archives of my online activity on my blog since 2002– and have been publishing online content since 1997. Eat that, Blogher.

All that is to say, I’m about to have a seizure of blog activity.

I was regularly posting my Power Stories lessons online, but stopped when I had to delay my work on it due to family craziness and illness. But I did complete that work and intend to share it. (Oh and you should click that link. Rachelle is running a half off special through November 3rd. The content is so very worth it!)

But I needed motivation, a gentle nudge in the form of new structure to post again.
It so happens today is the first day of November. Writers online are a-flurry with activity as NaNoWriMo begins.
I am not trying to write any novels, but in 2007 I participated in the spoof of it, NaBloPoMo. It used to just be in November, but they now host monthly challenges.

All this is to say that this month, I am posting everyday again. Okay? Okay.

One thought on ““If thou hast these things only by fits and starts.”

  1. I wouldn’t qualify either. I’d rather write when I have something of substance to say. I dunno. Maybe I need more substance. Is there a pill I can take for that? Or should I just post more Swiffer Wetjet reviews?

    Fist bump. xo

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